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Calculating Congressional Apportionment

This is a simple implementation of the algorithm used for congressional apportionment.

If you want something a little more digestible than the wiki page, the fantastic podcast Opening Arguments did an episode on apportionment, which inspired me to make this widget.

So have some fun, play around with changing the populations, or add new states. The code is open source and can be viewed on my github. For feedback and bug reports, email me.

Correction: A previous version of this page used the census's resident population instead of the apportionment population. From the census's FAQ:

"The apportionment population count for each of the 50 states includes the state’s total resident population plus a count of the overseas federal employees (and their dependents living with them overseas) who have that state listed as their home state in their employers’ administrative records."

2020 Rank State Population (editable) Apportionment Change From Last Edit Change From 2020 Census