Voices of Allocation

Step into a realm where verses unveil the intricacies of congressional apportionment. Through user-submitted poetry, we unravel the essence of representation, balance, and democracy itself. Join us in exploring the profound impact of allocation as seen through the eyes of our creative contributors.

We invite you to become a part of this poetic journey. If you're inspired by the dance of democracy and the art of words, share your own perspective on congressional apportionment. Submit your poetry to add your voice to the chorus and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of "Voices of Allocation." Your words could become a powerful echo of this essential democratic process.

Bemoaning the Condorcet Paradox

By Arthur Trismegistus

O Condorcet, you confounding riddle,
Your paradoxical dance is truly a fiddle.
With preferences ranked and choices made,
You weave a conundrum, a baffling charade.

A candidate loved by many, they say,
But alas, in this puzzle, may not hold sway.
As ballots are cast, each with a voice,
Your paradox emerges, leaving no choice.

Choice A beats B, and B beats C with might,
But wait, C prevails against A in the light.
A cycle of victory, tangled and strange,
An endless loop where outcomes derange.

How can it be that a logical quest,
Unravels into this logical mess?
The winner's crown is elusive and dim,
In the heart of this paradox, we're caught within.

Condorcet, you challenge our voting creed,
A puzzle of preferences, tangled indeed.
As we ponder your paradox, minds perplexed,
Seeking a solution, to you, we're annexed.

Oh, Condorcet Paradox, you vex and you taunt,
With every rank and choice, a new layer to flaunt.
We grapple with your enigma, strive to unveil,
The heart of democratic choice, in your puzzle, we sail.

Might, Majority, and Fair Apportionment

By Garbanzo Le Goumme

In the tapestry of tales, a story unfolds,
Of might and right, and truths yet untold.
Arthur's quest, a kingdom to bring,
As themes entwine in this literary spring.

Might makes right, a concept debated,
As swords clash and fates are fated.
In Camelot's realm, power entwined,
A question of ethics, a quandary of mind.

Yet Arthur's wisdom, a beacon of grace,
Seeks justice's path in a passionate race.
The power to rule, not solely by might,
But by heart's intent, and morality's light.

Enter democracy's realm, majority's voice,
The principle grand where we all make a choice.
But beware, as the many decide,
The minority's plea, can it too subside?

Apportionment's key, a balance we seek,
Ensuring fair representation to the unique.
Each voice matters, as the puzzle unfolds,
From states large and small, democracy molds.

For in these tales entwined, threads of thought,
A narrative woven, with lessons we're taught.
Might, majority, and fair apportionment unite,
Shaping our world's future, in the realm of light.

From Arthur's realm to voting's expanse,
Let fairness and justice guide our advance.
We ponder these themes, a tapestry's thread,
As we journey together, where stories are spread.